Nur Qistina Batrisya bt Zamri, a beautiful 7-year-old girl, has leukemia.

The RM56,840 required for chemotherapy has been raised. The chemotherapy is expected to be carried out within this month. After the cancer cells are under control, she will be referred to the Kuala Lumpur General Hospital for a stem cell transplant donated by her 13-year-old brother.

Although the girl lost her hair after the treatment and occasionally felt pain, she, Lotte, pleases herself by dressing up, wearing headgear, lipstick and earrings. She also likes to draw graffiti and dress up the doll. During the chemotherapy period in the hospital, she relied on these entertainments for pleasure.

Mother Juriah bt Saad admitted that her original belief was that although life was difficult, as long as the family was safe and healthy, it would be a blessing. Unexpectedly, her daughter suddenly vomited more than 20 times a day. After the test, it was confirmed that she was suffering from leukemia, which gave her mother a thunderbolt.

In the process of accompanying Nur Qistina Batrisya in the hospital for treatment, she have come into contact with many various cases, and she's even more grateful that her child's chemotherapy side effects are not as good as other patients.

At present, she can only optimistically accompany her child for treatment, and hopes that her daughter can lead a normal life.The family is very grateful for the donations from the public, so that the child has the opportunity to receive treatment smoothly, and hopes that after the child recovers as soon as possible, she can go back to school, so that she can have a beautiful childhood.

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