"Tian Xiang is my mother's most beloved grandson, and it is also our spiritual sustenance. Thank you for your donations to allow Tian Xiang to perform surgery and give him a healthy growth."

With the RM78,000 medical expenses for the 1.5-year-old boy Phuah Tian Xiang have been raised, the single mother Kok Chih Ching is very grateful to the community for their help.

Phuah Tian Xiang, a boy from Penang Island, has a heart defect since childhood, but no matter how hard or tired a single mother is, she will never give up her child. She also promises to be a good mother and take good care of her child.

Phuah Tian Xiang's surgery date has already been arranged, and it is hoped that with the help of everyone's blessings, the boy's surgery can be carried out smoothly.

Part 1:Fundraising