After undergoing cochlear implant surgery, Chan Zhi Chen began to respond to surrounding sounds and began speech therapy. He slowly adapted and became interested in various sounds. His parents feel happy for him.

A 2-year-old boy from Johor, Chan Zhi Chen, underwent cochlear implant surgery on August 29. Both ears were operated on at the same time, and the implantation process went smoothly. He was allowed to be discharged the next day after the operation. Since he needs some time to adapt to the implantation cochlear, until September 9, only switch on the artificial cochlea and adjust the volume gradually.

His parents need to take him to Kuala Lumpur for a follow-up consultation every two weeks. He also needs to receive regular weekly training in occupational therapy and speech therapy.

In the past, he used to learn how to call his parents through the mouth of an adult. Learning to listen and pronounce is a long process for him. It also requires the patience and perseverance of his parents to help him get through this.

His parents are very grateful for the helping hand from the kind-hearted public to restore his hearing.

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