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Health Carnival 2022

Jun 18 08:00 - Jun 19 14:00

Prevention is better than cure and regular health checks can help to reduce the risk of getting serious diseases, so everyone knows the importance of undergoing regular health checks. However, for families facing financial difficulties, it is a difficult plan for them to implement.

In order to allow those from the underprivileged families to have their regular health checks, as well as to raise public awareness of health issues, One Hope Charity will resume the organising of Health Carnival 2022 on 18 and 19 June (Saturday and Sunday), 8:00am to 2:00pm at the multi-purpose hall of Juru Auto City. Given that cancer is a very dangerous disease, this year’s blood test will also include a cancer index test.

There are a total of 20 tests and programmes that are open for the public. The tests and details are as follows:

【Blood test (55 items for women/54 items for men), cancer index, liver scan, bone density test – prior application required】

  1. Only for Malaysian citizens aged 40 years and over from poor families, regardless of race and religion.
  2. Submit the application at One Hope Charity Service Centre in Bukit Mertajam between 10:00am and 2:00pm from 27 to 29 May (Bring along the original and photocopy of MyKad, household utility bills – water and electricity bills and relevant documents for single parents)
  3. After completing the test, results can be collected on 3 July. On the same day, you will receive a set of Food Basket with Love worth RM200 each.

【Heart and breast examination – prior application, medical report or doctor’s recommendation is required】

  1. Heart examination will be conducted by National Heart Institution (IJN) in its special mobile track with electrocardiogram and ultrasound equipment for heart examination.
  2. The mammography examination is arranged by revelent department in its mobile truck.
  3. The seats for both examinations are limited. Prior application, medical report or doctor’s recommendation is required.

【Vision test and free spectacles – prior application or school’s recommendation is required】

  1. One Hope Charity will be giving out 1,000 pairs of free spectacles to poor students and adults aged 40 years and over from low-income families.
  2. Students can apply through their respective school or walk in to One Hope Charity Service Centre in Bukit Mertajam between 10:00am and 2:00pm from 27 to 29 May for application.

【Eye diseases, dental, normal physical examinations (blood pressure, blood sugar, cholesterol, BMI), prostate, pap smear and phycological tests – no advance registration required】

  1. The above tests are open to walk-in public.
  2. If you have relevant medical reports, you can bring them together and get consultation from a doctor.

【Blood donation campaign and organ donation registration】

  1. All the blood collected will be donated to the government hospital’s blood bank.
  2. All blood donors and registered organ donors will receive One Hope Charity’s 20th anniversary special gift.

【Physiotherapy, TCM acupuncture, traditional massage – no advance registration required】

  1. Professional physiotherapist, Chinese medicine practitioners and Malay traditional massage therapists will be providing services to the public during the carnival.

【Health talks and aerobics】

  1. There will be coaches to teach the public to do aerobics in the morning of both days.
  2. The two-day health talks include topics like mental health, early warning signs of a stroke, emotional management, social security organisation (SOCSO), emergency first aid, how to prevent hearing loss, how to use an AED, etc.
  3. The public is welcome to participate in the talks.

All the tests and examinations will be carried out by specialist doctors and professional medical staff from hospitals and clinics.

Many poor and low-income individuals benefited from the free health check provided by One Hope Charity in the past. They managed to detect their disease early, received early treatment and recovered after that.

Please share this message with those that need our care so that they will not miss this opportunity to join our Health Carnival 2022!

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Start :
Jun 18-08:00
End :
Jun 19-14:00


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